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           All women are invited to any of these studies or Fellowships at any time.


   Christian Beliefs                   

Monday Evenings, 6:45-8:15pm, Room 215A   beginning January 9, 2017

Come join a group of women who meet weekly to grow in their faith through study and prayer.
You are welcome to join any week to share in this time.  

For more information contact Janet Huddleston, 492-3545

The Broken Way                 

                                                                                     by  Ann Voskamp

Summer Wednesday mornings, 9:30 am, Room 215B/C -   Starting June 21, 2017   

The Broken Way,   beckons women into more time, more meaning, more authentic relationships.
There's a way, especially when things aren't shaping quite like you imagined, that makes life
take the shape of more -- more abundance, more intimacy, more God.  

For more information contact Kendi Holcomb-Densmore - 888-7775 or kendi@knoxchurch.org 

Becoming more than a Good Bible Study Girl 

                                                                             by Lysa TeKurst - President of Proverbs 31 Ministries                                           

Friday mornings, 9:30 am, Room 215B/Cd  Beginning April 7, 2017  - (but will not meet April 14, Good Friday)

If you're tired of just going through the motions of being a Christian:  Go to church, Pray, be nice.  
That spiritual to-do list just doesn't cut it, But what does?   This six session series will transform
your walk with going from lack luster theory to vibrant reality. 

 For more information contact Joan Cook   777-1333

Women's Fellowship Groups

The Messiah      by Douglas Connelly 

Evening Fellowship, 3rd Monday of the Month -Meets in Homes-  contact Carolyn Hodges  888-0957

                                                                          Who is Jesus?         PW/Horizons

Naomi Fellowship  - 3rd Tuesday of the month    Church Atrium  - Contact Janet Henley  888-0631

                             For more information, contact the church 888-7775







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