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God's mission continues. As a way to help Knox participate in what God is doing in this community, there are two ways you can give electronically.


A direct deposit is quick, easy, and worry free.  Instead of having to remember to bring your check book on Sunday mornings, you can simply fill out the ACH from to have your giving to Knox directly deposited from your account.  The ACH form below is a pdf copy that you print out and fill out.  The filled out copy can be turned it into the Recording Treasure at Knox main office.  If you would like to send a copy as a PDF, you can send it to Cynthia Burwinkle HERE.

See the ACH Form for printing HERE



You can also give a one time gift or re-occuring payment to Knox's Paypal account.  We give you six different options that you can donate to Knox that will help contribute to God's mission in our midst.  See each of the options and buttons below that will connect you directly to PayPal in order to make your contribution.


Knox Presbyterian General Fund


Building Fund


Deacon's Emergency Assistance Fund


Crosslines Toys


One Great Hour of Sharing


Knox Next Generation Youth

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