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Adult Spiritual Growth


Knox desires to nurture personal transformation in Christ in the fellowship of community. We see this happening in two ways: First, by inviting seekers into a non-threatening environment where they might investigate who Jesus is and their place in God's plan. Second, to encourage all Christ-followers to see their faith as a constant process of discovery that nurtures their desire to be fully devoted to Jesus as Lord. This takes a personal encounter with Jesus. One of the best places to have this encounter is through the study of the biblical story heard in community with other seekers and Christ-followers. We encourage every group to consider themselves more than just a Bible study. Our desire is that they be places where the inward journey of faith and the outward journey of service to others is nurtured.

We have identified five themes to guide us along the journey:

  • Discovering Relationships
  • Discovering Christ
  • Discovering Community
  • Discovering Spiritual Maturity
  • Discovering Ministry & Mission


It is our hope that all of our adult classes and groups try to address one of these themes as they share a life together of Scripture study, prayer, fellowship, caring, nurturing, and gifts for ministry.

Fellowship and other opportunities
Knox Church also offers other avenues for fellowship and getting to know others!
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